COVID-19 is in the news and most everywhere you look its bad and worse.

Here is some good news and something that every doctor who is working is this area should really consider.

Dr. Eric Berg is a good friend and associate. This video is very compelling on what should be done.

Please watch it now:

We have more good news coming from Italy regarding the treatment of Covid-19 using Ozonetherapy. The data below was published by Italian SIOOT association. It was translated the text to English using Bing Translator. 

 ——————————–Italian article below————————-

From the first report of the first two hospitals that started therapy (to date we are at 15 hospital facilities), where Oxygen Ozono Therapy is being practiced according to the Protocol of the Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozono Therapy (SIOOT) 11 patients in condition ”serious” and ”very serious” have had a rapid and decisive improvement.

After just five treatment sessions, one of the five intubated has improved to the point where it is exhumed and the others are improving significantly. The patient with the least serious conditions, after a few sessions of oxygen ozone therapy healed and returned home. 

The only one who died in the group was in a largely compromised condition. As an extreme attempt, only two sessions of ozone oxygen were practiced, but his condition was too compromised.

In the technical report, doctors wrote that after 5 treatments with Oxygen Ozono Therapy as per SIOOT protocol, patients are all much better off.

Doctors observed that after practicing Oxygen Ozono Therapy:

1 – General improvement of clinical conditions.

2 – Normalization of body temperature.

3 – Reactive C Protein Reduction (PRC)

4 – Heart rate normalization

5 – Improved saturation and reduced oxygen support

6 – Normalization of kidney function (creatine).

To better understand the significance of this data, we interviewed Prof. Marianno Franzini, President of SIOOT International and promoter together with Prof. Luigi Valdenassi of the treatment protocol.

According to Dr. Franzini the most important fact is that the improvements are remarkable and have occurred in only five days of therapy.

To try to better assess, Franzini asked his four colleagues who work directly in the care of covid patients – 19, and all confirmed that these are very important results, because in five days no one among the people affected by Covid-19 has an improvement as fast and so stable as that seen in patients treated with Oxygen Ozone.

“A doctor who is treating Covid-19 patients” Franzini said, “has revealed to me that no treatment protocol is giving results like those of Oxygen Ozono Therapy.”

When asked why Oxygen Ozono Therapy is so effective, Franzini explained that autopsies of the deceased due to Covid–19, show that the virus immediately attacks the microcircle causing a scattered thrombosis.

And it is there, in addition to the antiviral effect, that ozone oxygen is even more decisive precisely because it reactivates and strengthens the microcircle.

“Considering the goodness of these early data, it would be very important – Dr. Franzini stressed – to ensure that the therapy was practiced at the beginning, when the tampon proves positive, so that we can cure them before they get worse, thus managing to shorten hospitalizations.”

Dr. Antonio Gaspari

[]( Director 

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We’ve got this.

Have a great week.

Dr. David I Minkoff, M.D. 

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