Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse


Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse is a very exact formula containing some of the most potent organic herbal detoxifiers there are, as well as a super-charged form of carbon known as Fullerene. This micro-activated, multi-layered, and highly organized carbon molecule is so effective that it is able to safely enter the cells themselves, attracting harmful toxins to it, and acting as a sponge to absorb and remove them from our body, and with no known side-effects. Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse enhanced with PerfectAmino.



We’ve passed the point where taking “reasonable precautions” or “buying all organic” is enough.

We’re exposed to too many chemicals every day. They’re in our personal care products, the clothes we buy, the fabric of our car seats, our dishwashing liquids, and even our baby foods.

There are now over 80,000 chemicals in our environment. And the number is growing by leaps and bounds every year.

What’s more, we don’t actually know if most of these chemicals are dangerous for us. Or safe. Because less than 10% of them have been tested for their affects on humans or animals.

But we do know of many.

We have PFAS, the so-called “forever chemicals,” a group of almost 5,000 widely used chemicals found in our water, clothing, and a host of other places.

We take in very toxic heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury from the air through pollution, our water sources, and our food. Even our baby foods contain heavy metals now.

And we have the neurotoxin Glyphosate saturating the corn and soy used to feed our animals and fill our boxes of processed foods at the grocery store, not to mention poisoning our water.

These toxins enter our bodies, more and more every year, and build up, causing a myriad of issues on a gradually rising basis.

And, yes, there was a point where we could get by with the small amount there was. But that point is long past. The toxic load entering our bodies every year is far higher than even ten years ago.

Our bodies are constantly removing toxins that come in. But they can’t do it fast enough, so the toxins build up. And the more toxins build up, the less our bodies are able to remove them.

We need to be pro-active in preventing as many toxins as we can from entering our bodies, but also in actively ridding ourselves of them.

That’s why we created Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse.

We needed something that was incredibly effective at attracting and removing toxins in our bodies — at the very deepest levels — but which did so completely naturally and without the side-effects.

We have that with Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse, a very exact formula containing some of the most potent organic herbal detoxifiers there are, as well as a super-charged form of carbon known as Fullerene.

Fullerene is truly unbelievable. This micro-activated, multi-layered, and highly organized carbon molecule is so effective that it’s able to safely enter the cells themselves, attracting harmful toxins to it, and acting as a sponge to absorb and remove them from our body.

And with no known side-effects.

It’s also one of the most powerful anti-oxidants there are, over 100 times more powerful than vitamin c, and works to attract and remove free-radicals caused by toxins in our bodies, further strengthening our cells.

As amino acids increase Fullerene’s ability to bind to chemicals, we’ve fortified Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse with PerfectAmino.


Toxins do not create “one-off” effects on the body where they cause damage and then move on.

Toxins are cumulative. They add up.

So maybe you received 1 ounce of toxins in one year, one ounce that stayed in your body.

And the next year you received one more ounce.

And the next.

Well, you now have 3 ounces of toxins in your body. Three times as much as you had 3 years ago, with three times the toxic affect on your system.

Only it doesn’t work that way.

It’s faster. Much faster.

There’s a rule in toxicology you need to understand. We think that 1 + 1 = 2.

But that’s not how math works in toxicology. In toxicology it’s not 1 + 1 = 2…

It’s 1 + 1 = 10.

Because this isn’t based on quantity… but on effect. What is the toxic effect on the body?

You don’t add 1 toxin into the body and get 1 toxic effect and then add a second toxin in and get a second toxic effect.

Because of how your body works — not just its ability to handle toxins, but it’s capacity for handling toxins — the introduction of a second toxin doesn’t double the toxic effect. It 10X’s it.

This can be double the exposure of one toxin, or it can be two different types of toxin.

This is obviously not a hard-bound rule of exactly 10, but you get the idea. As toxins increase in numbers, their effect is exponential.

We see this in chronic disease, particularly auto-immune disease and chronic inflammation. It’s not just one toxin.

It’s not just Glyphosate. It’s Glyphosate, and plastics, and excreted medicines, and chemicals, and metals like mercury in our water supplies…

So… 1 + 1 = 10, + 1 = 100, + 1 = 1000… Now we have something.

That’s how we get the plethora of toxin-related ills on our current society:

And that’s why we created Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse, to help remove harmful toxins and prevent their deadly effects.


Many detoxifiers have only 2 or 3 key ingredients beyond fillers and additives, some of which act to pick up toxins in one part of the body and drop them in another part, so they never leave.

We use only the purest and most effective ingredients to ensure toxins are found and fully removed.

Here are the key ingredients of our formula:

  • Organic cilantro leaf: Cilantro was chosen for its ability to support the body’s natural detoxification processes.*
  • Organic alfalfa leaf: Alfalfa leaf is high in protein, chlorophyll, amino acids, iron, niacin, biotin, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.*
  • Organic parsley leaf: Parsley is similar to cilantro and helps support excretory health.*
  • Organic stinging nettles are very nutritious, possessing a high percentage of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.
  • Organic agaricus mushroom: This type of mushroom is nutritious and is known to activate the body’s natural defense by supporting the immune system.*
  • Organic cleavers: This herb latches onto toxins so they can more easily be eliminated.*
  • Organic chaga mushroom: Chaga mushrooms support immune health. Chaga mushrooms have 50 times more antioxidants than blueberries.*
  • Fullerene: This is a super-charged, micro-activated, multi-layered form of carbon composed of 60 carbon atoms structured into a hollow, spherical cage. Inside the body it acts to attract toxins and free-radicals to it, and then soak them up as a sponge does, before removing them from the body.


Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse

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Each bottle of Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse comes with a dropper inside with exact measurements for 0.25 mL, 0.5 mL, 0.75 mL, and 1 mL marked clearly so you can easily determine how much to take.

A full serving size is 1 mL and this is taken twice daily.

However, you may start more slowly if you’d like, or if recommended by your primary health care provider.

While Fullerene has no reported side-effects, it, along with the other ingredients in Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse, are very powerful detoxifiers. Taking more to speed up the process may bring on unwanted “detox effects” and is not necessary.

Most individuals should start with 1mL per day for a few days. If one isn’t experiencing any detox effects, then raise it to 1mL taken twice per day and continue in this fashion.

If one experiences any detox effects, it’s recommended to cut the amount taken in half until these effects pass. Then raise the servings size back up when comfortable.

If detox effects are significant, pause for one to two days to allow them to pass, and then continue on at half of the amount you were previously taking.

From here, work your way back up to two servings per day.

Young children should take no more than .5 mL once per day.

Hydration is very important during any detox, so ensure you drink plenty of water and take your electrolytes, a key part of of any detox.

As heavy metals and chemical toxins injure our cells in a multitude of ways, it’s highly recommended that you take PerfectAmino in conjunction with Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse to help repair damaged cells and tissue.

These toxins also degrade our DNA and RNA, and Nu Cell is recommended to help repair this damage.

Together, PerfectAmino, Nu Cell, and Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse form an longevity trifecta. Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse removes the toxins destroying our DNA and RNA and speeding up aging, Nu Cell helps to repair these DNA and RNA, and PerfectAmino contains the building blocks the newly repaired DNA and RNA use to repair cells and brig the body back to an earlier, healthier state.


Shake bottle well.

Measure 1mL (or appropriate quantity), hold in mouth for 15 seconds, then swallow.

Use twice daily or at your appropriate amount.

It’s best to take Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse on an empty stomach.

Be sure to keep hydrated.

Read the White Paper HERE.



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