Is Gatorade really the best choice?

Is Gatorade really the best choice?

Even though Gatorarde’s million-dollar marketing budget leads consumers to believe their drink is the best supplement to your exercise regiment, in reality, it is not.  Below are 7 reasons why Gatorade is not helping your workout.  

High Sugar Content – Each bottle of Gatorade contains 36 grams of sugar.  This is equal to 13 Hershey’s Kisses! The calorie count is super high at 140.

Synthetic Ingredients After water, the most common ingredients in Gatorade are sugar and dextrose, a refined sugar.  The other ingredients are mostly synthetic used for coloring, sweetening, preserving the drink and making it thicker.  None of the ingredients give any indication of being healthy.


Weight Gain – With this much sugar in your drink, you would have to exercise an incredible amount to burn off the extra unhealthy calories.  

Sugar Spikes – The high sugar content will undoubtedly shoot your sugar levels up then send them down.  Athletes want to keep an even sugar level when exercising to get the maximum benefit.

Lower Energy Levels When your body intakes a large amount of sugar and synthetic materials, your body is inevitably going to crash.  If you’re exercising for a long period of time, your body can not keep up.

Dehydrates Cells – The sugar and refined sugar in Gatorade, inevitably dehydrates your cells, leaving your body feeling depleted.  Athletes tell themselves they feel this way because they’ve just had a tough work-out, but is this really the reason?  

Gatorade Sales Banned at Whole Foods – Whole Foods prides itself on only providing healthy food and drinks.  So, for this reason, they decided that none of their stores will sell Gatorade because this drink does not meet their standards.

Alma Supplements - Gatorade Ingredients
Gatorade Ingredients Label

PerfectAmino Electrolytes

PerfectAmino Electrolyte drink is a much healthier alternative to Gatorade.  This delicious powder-drink is made up entirely of all-natural ingredients.  Absolutely nothing synthetic is put into this recipe.  No sugar is added but rest assured, this drink still tastes great because it is sweetened and flavored with natural ingredients.

This drink will replace potassium, magnesium, sodium, water, and most importantly protein.  That’s right.  When you sweat, you lose protein, so PerfectAmino Electrolytes are enriched with Amino Acids.  This will help you immediately rebuild your body after an invigorating workout.  And 1 drink is only 1 calorie!

Alma Supplements - bodyhealth - Electorylytes Perfect Amino
All-Natural - No Sugar - 1 Calorie - Great Taste!

David Lloyd is the Founder & President of Alma  Alma Supplements provides all-natural, organic, pharmaceutical grade products for anyone from the chronically ill to world class athletes.  Clients include anyone who wants to get in the best shape of their life or just ones to stay healthy.  Alma Supplements is an authorized distributor of all BodyHealth, Thorne and Kaqun products.

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  1. So many people are fooled into drinking Gatorade and never know there is a better alternative out there. I ordered the PerfectAmino Electrolyte drink from your website. I look forward to trying it!

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