The Six Best Calorie Burning Cardio Workouts?

Cardio workouts are a great way to burn calories. You need to stay healthy and manage your weight by doing Cardiovascular exercise. Everybody knows that. But what is the best way to burn calories in the shortest amount of time? What kind of activities should you be doing? Here are a few ideas for you: […]

Perfect Amino for Athletes

Alma Supplements - Athletes

by BodyHealth Representatives July 21, 2015   Many BodyHealth customers are athletes. They range from people who exercise a few times a week, weekend warriors, amateur athletes all the way to top professional, elite athletes. So, why do they take PerfectAmino? Building muscle mass is done by creating microscopic tears in your muscle, which then grows […]

How to Get More Energy by David Lloyd

Traveling Tennis Pros - Junior Clinics

As a club Tennis Pro in Tampa, Florida, the one question I get over and over from my adult tennis students is: How can I get more energy? Most of my adult tennis clinics are in the evening so, my students have been working all day and already crashed.  They tell me that it always takes […]